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MIX IT UP WITH THE ALL NEW i.D reel. New to Fly? Find a store. Subscribe to our newsletter Subscribe. New to Fly? Flies/h1rn div idcontentrnt" pYour local fly shop is the best resource for buying the perfect flies for wherever you are fishing.
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The Skinny: Created by John Barr, this wire-bodied nymph has become a trout fishing sensation over the past 10 years. The reason is simple: It sinks rapidly and stays deep, where many of the fish are. Copper wire, lead wire, and a brass bead all add weight, while the nymphs overall shape is streamlined to aid sinking. In smaller sizes, from 16 to 22, that fast sink rate means its an ideal pattern to fish under a strike indicator or high-floating hopper pattern. Buy It Now. Name: Prince Nymph. The Skinny: A size 16 Prince Nymph with a tungsten beadhead has probably accounted for more 20-plus-inch trout for me than any other fly in recent years. One reason is because tungsten beads are heavier than brass beads of the same size, so the nymph fishes deep easily. It has the buggy look common to many successful trout flies.
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Sort Category By Newest. Set Descending Direction. A wide selection of fly fishing flies from Fulling Mill and Speyworks. Individual flies for trout and salmon fishing. Keep up to date with news and offers. Meet the team. Join Our Team.
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Which Pattern Should I Use? We are often asked by fisherman for the best flies for trout but the fly will vary by season, day, weather and venue. We produce hatch charts monthly for you to look at what fishing fly will match the hatch and recommend fly from our expert knowledge.
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Which flies for trout have staked their claim as the best of the best? A list of the 10 best flies for trout fishing could almost double as a list for 10 best flies period. Theres a reason that trout are the target of choice for most fly anglers.
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Recent additions include a collection of pike fishing flies, salmon flies and bass flies. Also in our fly fishing online store are a selection of floatants and sinkants for your trout flies, some tools for fly fishing which we consider a must for your fly fishing kit.

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