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One of the wonderful things about fly fishing is that there is always something more to learn. Whether you are just getting started in the sport, or have pursued a variety of species around the globe, The Fly Shop has a school for you!
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It remains popular to this day, and we stock an impressive range of fly fishing tackle here at Angling Direct. On this dedicated page of our web store you can find the very best deals on the fly fishing market.
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Shakespeare Oracle Spey Fly Rod 8/9 13ft. Shakespeare Oracle Switch Fly Rod 7/8 11ft 6pc. Hook Sharpening Vice Tool Clamp NGT Carp Fishing Hook Sharpener File Fly Tool. 12 pcs Assorted Tube Fly Set Fly Fishing Flies Lures Salmon Fly Trout Flies.
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Find many different options for fishing waders, including stockingfoot and bootfoot varieties. Comfortably carry all the flies, tools and equipment you need in fishing vests packs. Work on your technique and soon you'll' know the feeling of a perfect fly cast often just as rewarding as catching a fish!
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Fly Fishing Tackle. We take great pride in offering the best, the most comprehensive and the newest range of tackle for the modern fly angler. Whatever the species, wherever you are fishing, we have the ideal equipment and supplies for you to land everything from the smallest wild trout to the biggest ocean predator.

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