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Welcome to Discountflies Online Fly Shop, Inc. We love to fly fish! We love the sight of a cutthroat sipping a caddis from the film at the end of a riffle; the whir of a reel reaching its backing when a permit heads for deeper water; the thrill of an eight weight bent under the strain of a largemouth fighting for freedom. We love to fly fish and our passion shows in the quality of fishing flies and gear we sell.
FLY FISHING FLIES / 0.36 Fishing Flies / Discount Trout Flies Cheap flies for sale.
The Original Half-Buck Fly Shop FlyDeal offers hand-tied fly fishing flies crafted by some of the best fly tyers in the industry. We carry the largest selection of discount wholesale fly fishing flies for sale online, most of which are 0.30 to 0.47 cents each. Fishing Flies, Trout Flies, Fly Fishing Flies, Fly Shop.
Over the next few weeks we will be adding more Fishing Flies and Trout Flies these will include including flies for Saltwater, Pike, Musky, Carp Pan fish, More Special ReelFlies Fly Selections, and fine Exclusive hand made Black Walnut fly boxes makes a perfect gift.
Trout and salmon fishing flies online.
Pike Flasher Gold/Green. Pike Tube Fly Perch Comet. Turrall Bamboo Box Classic. Epoxy Buzzer Red/Pearl. Season Top Sellers. Fliesonline Quality Fishing Flies. Blobs Eggs Fabs. Sign up to our free monthly newsletter, and save at least 10% on all purchases all year!
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Recent additions include a collection of pike fishing flies, salmon flies and bass flies. Also in our fly fishing online store are a selection of floatants and sinkants for your trout flies, some tools for fly fishing which we consider a must for your fly fishing kit.

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